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Anregungen von Gudrun für Cluberweiterungen


At the virtual meeting (June 10th, with LC Innsbruck-Triumphpforte), there came a question from PCC Sonja, about how to recruit younger people.
This is a very good question and we had some discussions. This is something we all European Lions need to think about.
That's why I send to you contact information of some people that work especially with this matter.
Please share this with all the Lions that are interested.
At Lions Headquarters:
Khamisi Grace  (Khamisi.Grace@lionsclubs.org), who is the department manager for Young Lions and Leos.  She can highlight some of the work that is going on, and would connect you to some resources that are already developed.
Roxanne Stec  (Roxanne.Stec@lionsclubs.org) is a Young Lions Specialist at the Young Lions and Leos Department,
Roxanne works directly with them on the strategy of attracting young Lions and is copied on the email.
Young Lions department at LCI has been working with Leos and Young Lions hosting events all over the world,
including the NAMI Young Lions Task Force (YLTF),
chaired by Jordan Glass ( jmglass14@gmail.com ), and there have been several featuring the advisory panelists and the Leo-Lion Board Liaisons as well. 
I encourage you to contact some of these people mentioned above focusing on young Lions.
I can also send them an email and connect you
Kind regards 
Gudrún Björt
Our response to COVID-19  
Gudrun Yngvadottir
Immediate Past President
of Lions Clubs International
Chairperson of LCIF.
+1 630 632-9169  /  +354 896-7097